‘We Are So Genuinely Grateful For Your Devotion To Duty & Caring Attitude’

This is a two fold message, as my wife, has twice been recently treated at FVRH & cannot sing highly enough the praises of your staff.

In July, she tripped, while attempting to answer the telephone, & split her right eyebrow on the television stand. Fortunately, our niece & her husband were visiting us & my sister stays nearby. Our niece has recently qualified as a Dr & her hubby is a qualified GP in England. He took over & my sister drove us to FVRH. Aneta was on duty in the Triage Section & was brilliant with her treatment of my wife. Our nephew was there throughout for support.

We then saw Dr Seb, an anaesthetist from Edinburgh, who was on duty & who gave my wife 8 stitches while our nephew held her hand … I’m an old wimp! Tina then took her bloods & checked her blood pressure. She also had a lovely manner.

My wife, was diagnosed with liver cancer in June of this year. There was a glitch at the start of August, when she suffered severe abdominal pain. After calling 111, the operator passed my call to a nurse who arranged for an ambulance to call at our home. I think the paramedic was Simon & he had a technician whose name we don’t recall. They were so helpful & concerned, & arranged for my wife to be taken directly to the Acute Admissions Unit. There, we saw Dr Poon, who was so caring. She arranged for my wife to be admitted & the nurses who dealt with my wife were brilliant. They accepted my weird sense of humour (a release valve) & were so professional & caring when dealing with my wife. I apologise for forgetting their names, but my wife’s health was my one concern. They have my undying gratitude.

My wife was admitted to Ward B32, Bed 6, where she remained for a few days. There, she remembers nothing but total kindness, courtesy & care from ALL the members of staff. In particular, She remembers Jennifer, Louise, Calum & Brian, but every member of staff who dealt with her is remembered with fondness & affection. She was later moved to Bed 1, in Ward B32, as an elderly man required attention near the Nurses’ Station, but she was asked if that would be in order & she had no objection.

My wife is so very grateful for the treatment she received from ALL the staff she encountered & counts herself so fortunate that they dealt with her health problems. She also received daily visits from Doreen & Mairi, the MacMillan nurses, who also deserve loads of praise.

I make no apologies for being so long-winded in my wife’s, & my, praise of your staff. All too often, people moan & complain about the NHS. My wife classes your staff, & her treatment at FVRH as A1. We are so genuinely grateful for your devotion to duty & caring attitude, that words cannot genuinely express our feelings.


We have no difficulty if you disclose this email to each & every member of staff who dealt with my wife, as she wishes them to know how much they are appreciated by her. We also apologise to those staff whose names we have forgotten; it’s an age thing!

Thank you so very much once again for your treatment of my wife. You do a fantastic job, each & every one of you and, without a shadow of a doubt, you should be rewarded more in monetary terms, than you receive in job satisfaction.


God Bless each and every one of you and Thank you all once again.


With our MOST sincere thanks,


Mr and Mrs Davison,