A letter from Aileen Jamieson

“…I would like to ‘celebrate’ a big positive of 2013, despite the passing away of our brave mum who battled cancer for two and a half years. This positive comes in the form of people who work in the Falkirk area and can only be described, in my opinion, as our local heroes.

“They are the many staff and volunteers within the NHS and Strathcarron Hospice who worked with mum showing total commitment and dedication, in spite of the constant challenges of lack of funding, staff absences, demanding families and constant bad press.

“I am not going to mention specific individuals in fear of missing out someone but the teams based at Slamannan Medical Centre and Pharmacy, the district nurse unit at Brightons, the oncology department at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Strathcarron Hospice and Unit 3 in Falkirk Community Hospital deserve a special mention.

“If the leaders and managers of the NHS Forth Valley need inspiration for training courses on patient care, they should look no further than all of these teams. The dimension of patient care that was so evident within these teams was the ability to see our mum as a person first and foremost. More importantly they were able to do this within working conditions, paperwork load and demands that were not always the most conducive to caring for people.

“This human touch they brought to their ‘jobs’ results in people like my mum forming positive and trusting relationships which went a long way towards helping both her and her family feeling secure and less anxious. This isn’t rocket science but, more often than not, when we hear of the less successful experiences for people in hospital, these vital interactions are missing.

“The individuals and teams involved in caring for and ‘about’ mum deserve recognition and praise and I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of mum’s family, to thank each and every one of our local heroes for ensuring her last couple of years of life were happy, safe and dignified.”

Excerpt from letter sent by Aileen Jamieson, printed on page 22 of  the Falkirk Herald on Thursday 16th January 2014.