A letter from Chris & Sandra Stewar

We are writing to express our thanks as a result of a recent experience within Forth Valley Royal Infirmary. On the morning of 31 December 2013, my wife (Sandra Stewart) attended at Maternity Triage as she had went into labour.  We attended there about 9am and spent the remainder of the day and night within Forth Valley Royal until the arrival of our son about 0019 hours on 1 January 2014 within the labour ward.  The staff that dealt with us within Maternity Triage and the Labour Ward were excellent and are a credit to the workforce within the hospital.

The main person we had contact with in Maternity Triage was Kay (midwife) who was very friendly, informative and caring.  It was clear to us that triage was very busy experiencing a high demand in terms of persons attending and waiting to be seen and telephone calls. Despite this, Kay remained very calm and was friendly and smiled throughout.  She was the first person we came into contact with and she made a lasting impression.

When we went to the labour ward we came into contact with Jennifer (midwife) for a few hours in the evening. Again, she was friendly, caring, informative and had an excellent manner which put both of us at ease and definitely helped my wife through a tough experience.

When Jennifer finished duty, Amy Henry (midwife), took over the care of my wife.  We were delighted to find that she too was just as friendly, informative and had an excellent manner as well.  Amy delivered the birth of our son at 0019 hours on 01/01/14 with the assistance of Lorraine (Ward Sister).  They both were a pleasure to deal with and made the experience alot easier.  They couldn’t have been any nicer.

I am please to say that everyone we came into contact with were extremely professional and caring.  However, in particular those named above were fantastic, are clearly excellent at their job and are a credit to the hospital.  We would be very grateful if their efforts could be recognised as their high standards of care cannot, in our opinion, be faulted.

Chris & Sandra Stewart