A letter from Malcolm Desira


I had a procedure done at the hospital on the 30th January thisyear. The procedure itself was carried out by Mr. Brennan-Camileiri. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff who looked after me that morning, particularly the nurses in the Ambulatory Care Unit. They were without exception not only very good at their jobs, but all made me feel as comfortable as it’s possible to be when undergoing the investigation I had to have.

Seems a little unfair to single out one individual as everyone was so lovely, but a lady who was being referred to as “Barbs” was truly exceptional. Given the number of people she must see in a day, you could excuse her being matter of fact about the whole thing, but the absolute opposite was true. It was as though I was the centre of her universe for the 10-15 minutesor so that I was in her care. A truly lovely lady.

Please pass on my sincere gratitude to all the staff in the Ambulatory Care unit. You should be very proud of them all.

Many thanks and kind regards

Malcolm Desira