A Letter from Mr Hooks in the Falkirk Herald

I would like to tell you about my recent visit to Forth Valley Royal Hospital. I have taken ill, unknown to me, with blood poisoning. I had developed a mouth ulcer and a lowered immune system as I have Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My family phoned NHS24 and a doctor arrived within 20 minutes, followed by an ambulance. On arrival at the hospital in Larbert my hopes lifted at the casualty department seemed so bright, warm and friendly. I was seen immediately by a doctor and nurse who checked me out. The time then was 10.35am. By noon I had been seen by two surgeons and two anaesthetists and had an operation that afternoon. I awoke in Ward 11B and I don’t remember much after that until through the night when the blood pressure monitor was bleeping. I think I was attended most of the night by a nurse from Alloa and I am most grateful for her dedication. That night I was in a side ward on antibiotic drips and I had horrific visions and hallucinations. On my right hand side everything was jet black until a faint light appeared which turned out to be my nurse to attend to me. I feel so in debted to her and never did get the chance to thank her personally. My next recollection was awakening in Ward 12A and starting to recover thanks to all the staff, nurses and doctors. I would like to thank them all for their professionalism, explanations and comforting words. It makes a difference. I’m at home now making a full recovery. Unfortunately, I have to undergo a course of chemotherapy but I am confident I shall be in good hands.

Mr Hooks

(letter published in Falkirk Herald on 28th February 2013)