A letter from Peter Lamb

My father was brought into the ER on Saturday the 28th of December and after most of the afternoon there was moved to the Acute Assessment Unit. We left him there later in the evening and were called by a doctor around 9.30 who said that things were more serious and because of his underlying health issues he might not recover and we were told we should come back up to the hospital.

My family, en masse, and I got back to the hospital at around 10.30-11.00 that evening and were made to feel incredibly welcome by the nurses who not only gave my father constant care and attention but gave the same attention to my family and me. To be so busy and offer such a high level of care to not only the actual patients but the family of the patients is nothing short of incredible.

We saw outside the ward that there were 2000 admission 10 complaints and only 7 compliments. We couldn’t believe this as the staff we encountered were remarkable, these heroes are I am sure a massive part o f the reason why my father is still with us today.

The level of care he received from the paramedics of the ambulance who brought him in to the amazing nurses and doctors in the AAU and Ward31 was of the very highest quality and we as a family cannot thank you enough and we hope that more people take the time to tell you just how amazing these people are.

Peter Lamb