A Letter from Ulrike Shulz

I would like to express my gratitude to the very helpful women at CT scanning reception and to the CT scanner staff who were on duty on Good Friday, 29.3.2013. Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to ask for or take note of anybody’s names.

I had set up rather complicated arrangements to allow me to take my elderly and frail mother in law for her appointment for CT scanning to investigate her shortness of breath and weight loss. This had meant additional childcare costs for my preschoolers and two older children I had to bring along with us.

We arrived to be told that the list had been cancelled (I presume a standard Friday afternoon list had been booked, until somebody realised it was a public holiday?) of which neither my mother in law nor ourselves had been informed. I was dismayed, however the receptionist very quickly said she would speak to the radiology staff who equally quickly agreed to perform her scan.

I am very heartened that in these times of policy and protocol, kindness and good sense can prevail and am very grateful to the staff who did not just send us away.

I am a GP and understand the pressures the NHS works under very well indeed and have to admit that I sometimes dispair at the PC doublespeak which does not seem to be backed up by action, but the events of that afternoon have confirmed to me that what holds the NHS together are the people who work in it. At the shopfloor.

I would be very grateful if the content of this mail could be passed on to the relevant department or individuals if they can be identified (also thank you to the other receptionist who allowed me to use a land line to phone my childcarer when things took a bit longer than I had anticpated).

Kind regards,

U Schulz