‘All Staff Were Clearly Competent In What They Were Doing’

We want to thank the staff of the childrens ward for their fantastic care and support during our baby sons week long admission for bronchiolitis in November. The whole staff team from consultant to student were fantastic. Special thanks have to go to Mavis who made us realise that what we needed as parents was to know the plan!

All staff were clearly competent in what they were doing and what the process of treatment was however it was not always clear to us what the next steps might be. Mavis was able to clearly explain plan a,b,c etc and what improvement they were looking for, or lack of as was the case at times. We fedback to Mavis at the time that this was very reassuring and helpful and this was then passed to subsequent staff so we felt much more involved in the treatment plan from then on. As a fellow AHP and now a parent on the other side, it really reinforced the importance of sharing the care plan with family members and enabling them to be fuly involved and informed in the journey.

Special thanks also to the final year student who was heavily involved towards the end of our sons stay. If we had not known she was a student we would have presumed she was a fully qualified member of staff. She will be an asset to whoever is lucky enough to employ her.

Katy, Bo’ness