“Amazing experience” at Forth Valley Royal Hospital

I just had to contact you regarding the amazing experience I have had with the services I received at Forth Valley Hospital and hope you will forward this on to the staff to let them know how much I appreciate all the help.

From the time my GP suggested I might have a Gall Bladder problem in September this year until I left hospital a week ago I have had nothing but care, support, excellent communication and exceptional professional help and advice from all I came in contact with.

I was referred for an ultrasound scan in early September and had a scan by a delightful practitioner who explained everything in detail allowing me to understand the possible problem.  This was magically electronically available for my GP within a few days at which point I was referred to a consultant Surgeon on the 19th September.

I was offered an appointment to see Mr Smith, a surgeon, by his secretary who was very helpful and kept the appointment on 19th October.  At that point Mr Smith offered to operate and remove my Gall Bladder explaining at great length possible outcomes during surgery which I understood and agreed to.  His relaxed friendly manner made the appointment quite an entertainment which was not what I had expected.  He did explain the surgery could be anything between 4 to 10 weeks away.  He also explained I would be called in for a Pre-assessment by a specialist nurse.

Letters of communication followed with advice leaflets and an appointment for a pre-assessment on the 5th November.

Again a delightful nurse made me feel so relaxed and explained about the surgery as well as taking medical details from me.  I left armed with more advice leaflets and feeling a whole lot better than I had done a few weeks before.

Mr Smith’s secretary very kindly offered me an appointment for 30th November for Surgery (waiting list initiative) and I was delighted to accept. Letters and more leaflets arrived in the post giving me all the information I needed for an overnight stay for Keyhole Surgery.

On the morning of the surgery I was ushered into a beautiful single room and seen by a named-nurse Elaine, Mr Smith and my anaesthetist who calmly explained what was to happen.  My husband was welcome to stay and keep me company until I went to theatre.   The surgery went as planned and I woke to find Elaine looking after me as she did throughout the day so well.  I was armed with an adjustable bed and a buzzer to ring if I needed anything.  Nothing was a problem to her.  She explained the importance of taking the pain relief and generally was so professional as she made sure  I recovered from the anaesthetic.

When the night shift came on the service was just as amazing.  I was checked every 2 hours by a senior nurse (can’t remember her name) and Jill even made me a cup of tea and toast  at 1am as I was feeling just a bit more like eating and drinking.  What a service.

I was visited in the morning by Mr Smith and my Anaesthetist who reassured me that all went well and when I was ready I could go home armed again with advice leaflets and medication to help me over the next week.  There was no rushing me out.  I also had a letter for my GP on the procedure and one for the nurse should there be a problem with my stitches.

What an amazing service.  I left feeling as if I had been treated as a very special human being with respect and care by a team of professional people  doing a great job.  We ever only hear bad things about the NHS but I would love to be a spokesperson for all the good that is done.

Sincere thanks to all involved with my care.

Kate Roubaud