“Big thank you to all the efforts made to stamp out smoking”

A big thank you to all the efforts being made at Forth Valley Royal hospital to stamp out the smoking problem. My son has a number of medical issues and we are frequent visitors to the hospital.

I am an ex smoker, so I understand people want to have a cigarette, but the selfishness and complete lack of consideration for others has shocked me at times at the hospital.  People light up without thinking about those around them, especially at the Women and Children’s unit where they would use the massive no smoking sign to stub out their cigarettes on!

Having not been at the hospital for a couple of months, we were back last week and what a difference the new signage has made.  Staff also told me about the Tobacco Officer who is patrolling the car park  and outside areas, this must be a difficult job but you can tell something has dramatically changed in the hospital as there were so few people smoking.  My son has a tracheostomy, is on oxygen and has a cardiac problem, so having to walk through a cloud of smoke to get him into the hospital when he wasn’t well was disgusting.  Well done.

Laura McCartney