“Cannot thank & praise those who dealt with me enough”

I got bitten by a horsefly on Monday morning and was seen at about 1am on Tuesday by the duty nurse in Larbert who rightly prescribed antibiotics . The next day, the nurse Morag at my doctors saw me and asked Dr Clark to take a second look at my leg. They suggested I head straight to Larbert .
At the Clinical Assessment Unit in Forth Valley Royal Hospital I was seen by the consultant Dr Leah Leitch . She increased my antibiotics prescription, utterly reassured me that I’d be totally fine and alerted me what to look out for.
When the swelling started to track towards my groin I was seen by the out of hours GP in Stirling. I cannot thank & praise the people who have dealt with me enough – especially the nurses along the way.
This is a note to say thanks very much for doing your jobs so very well …

Bridge of Allan