‘Cannot Thank The Medical Professionals Enough’

Yet again I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent treatment my 90 year old mother has received from the NHS.

My mother’s privately bought hearing aids stopped working, so we approached her GP to have NHS aids supplied.

An immediate referral was made which resulted in an appointment 6 weeks later.

At this appointment my mother was told that it could take up to 6 weeks to receive the new hearing aids. As both her hearing aids were now broken she was understandably upset at having to manage without aids for this length of time.

The audiologist recognised this and searched for a cancellation appointment which she got 2 days later. She now has brand new hearing aids and the support of an excellent drop in support clinic which she can access in the event of any problems arising with the hearing aids.

This is yet another example of the sensitive and caring treatment my mother has received in the past few years from the NHS in both Glasgow and Forth Valley.

I cannot thank the medical professionals enough for their unfailing kindness and excellent standard of care.

Maureen, Glasgow