‘Competent , Helpful and in General Excellent at Their Job.’

I am being discharged today ( Tues 10th February 2015 ) from ward B11. I would like to compliment ALL the staff who looked after me in various areas of the hospital. I was admitted as an emergency on Friday 6th February to AAU, had my operation that evening and returned to B11. I am so tired of reading negative media comments. The problems facing the NHS are, I am aware, many, but the staff in general seem to take everything in their stride, not least of all looking for available beds . I would like to name three members of Nursing staff who in particular were competent , helpful and in general excellent at their job.

Staff Nurse Kerry Scott. Day Duty

Student Nurse Mel Smith Day Duty

Student Nurse Neeve Hughes. Night duty

I met all in B11

I do hope that the compliments I have given to the nurses will be passed to them. This is important.

Thank you