‘Everyone Was So Supportive And Friendly’


I recently attended the hospital to have a baby and I would like to give some feedback to the hospital.

My waters broke at 32 weeks but I didn’t go into labour so was sent home, and after attending a routine appointment with Dr Kearney 11 days later I was advised to go home pack a bag and come back the same night, due to a high risk of infection, and I would be started off (induced) later that night.  This was my first baby and I hadn’t yet attended an antenatal class (I was due to attend the 1st of 4 classes the following Monday) so I was quite anxious and nervous about what was going to happen, although excited to meet my baby, I didn’t have a clue really what to expect!  With having a bicornuate uterus and fibroids this made me ‘high risk’.

I gave birth naturally on the Friday night and I would like to say that the care and attention I was given during my labour was excellent.  I would like to give a special thanks to Roz, who had a trainee nurse with her also, who was very informative and attentive, I had a lot of questions and concerns!  I thought Roz was amazing, and was quite disappointed when she left as she’d finished her shift.  I thought Roz was very professional and caring and also made me feel at ease and helped me to relax.  I really felt like I was in ‘safe hands’ with Roz, she really knew what she was doing.  I had an epidural to help with the pain relief, the gas and air didn’t seem to agree with me and I was sick 8 times during the labour.

Once Roz left I was looked after by Ruth and another girl for a few hours, who were both lovely, and then Doctor Lynsey came in when I was 10 cm dilated and then helped deliver my baby, there were also some other people in the room at the end and I’m not sure what all their names were.  I have to say they were all brilliant and everyone was so supportive and friendly.  Doctor Lynsey was really good, I feel like I couldn’t have managed the final stages of labour without her, she was so encouraging when I had to push, it only took me about 40 minutes to deliver the baby with her help, and thankfully I didn’t need any stitches or anything, no assistance was required either.  Doctors were on standby to examine the baby once born.

My baby James was born on the Friday night, 24th April and was initially taken to high dependancy and then moved to special care after 2 days and was kept in hospital for 10 days.  The staff in neonatal were fantastic and I would like to say a very special mention for Shevonne (not sure of the spelling) who was amazing and had a really lovely way of advising me but also encouraging me to care for my baby.  I honestly didn’t have a clue and with James being so small Shevonne showed me what to do initially, to change his nappy, top and tail and feed him.  Seeing James in an incubator for the first time was quite upsetting and bewildering and I was exhausted and anxious about the whole experience.  As James was being tube fed I was trying to express my first milk and Shevonne was lovely and kept me right at every step of the way, she was very friendly and informative.  Jayne was also another staff member who was lovely and very helpful and kind.  Margaret, Carol, Hilary, Catherine, Val, Jazz and all the staff were lovely.

I really can’t thank all the staff who cared for James enough and that’s why I wanted to give some feedback, they were all great and I think they all do an amazing job!

Yours faithfully