‘Forth Valley Health Board Should Be Proud Of The Service The A&E Staff Provide’

I was treated in A&E on Monday 14 Sept 2015 – Tues 15 Sept 2015. Involved in my care were a female nursing assistant, a female nurse, a male nurse, a female doctor and 2 male porters and a female radiographer. I am sorry I cannot remember their names due to circumstances at the time.

I am happy to say that I have not needed to use this service before, and dearly hope not to again. However, I am compelled to express my gratitude to these members of staff for the genuine excellent care, empathy, dedication, professionlism and kindness I was shown during my stay.

At all times, my dignity, comfort, confidentiality and care was paramount. My husband, who was with me, has MS, The effect of my condition at the time on him was taken into account and catered for – for which I am also grateful.

This was for me, I hope a one off experience. The staff concerned do this every day. I firmly believe they gave me no special treatment – this is simply how they treat their patients.

Forth Valley Health Board should be proud of the service the A&E staff provide.


Catherine, Falkirk