“Helpful with a cheerful attitude despite clearly being extremely busy”

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing regarding my descent visit and overnight stay at the FV hospital. On Monday 20/10/2014 I had an accident at home which resulted in me injuring my back.  I attended at the A&E department were the waiting time was shown as 2 hours, however after about 30 minuets I was called and taken through to a cubical in the department. Shortly after I was seen by a nurse had blood presure and pulse checked, shortly after I  was then seen by a female doctor who after Examination sent me for an X-Ray and CT scan. The results of which showed I had three broken rib, a chipped bone in my spine and bruising to my left lunge. Due to these injuries I was informed I was to be kept in overnight. The female doctor who had examined me spent time explaining my injuries and reassuring me, she along with the rest of the staff who dealt   with me in the department were extremely helpful and considerate as well as being upbeat and cheerful.

After A&E I was transferred to The Accute Admisions ward, where the high standard of care continued, staff even managed to find a sandwich and a cup of tea, before making me comfortable. I was later seen by a doctor who confirmed the original diagnosis and again when to some length to explain my injuries, and provide reassurance.

Later in the evening (23.50) I was transferred to ward B11 room 15 where I remained until my discharge on the evening of Tuesday 21/10/14. As with most people my having to remain in hospital was not viewed by me with any great pleasure and a great deal of trepidation. However all staff, from the domestic staff to the consultant were extremely helpful with a cheerful attitude despite clearly being extremely busy, making my stay as pleasant as was possible.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my gratitude to staff involved, they were a credit to the NHS and in particular Forth Valley Hospital.

Michael Smith