“Hugely impressed by the patience, compassion and understanding”

Two weeks today since I was discharged into the care of my wife Joyce, and the subsequent return to a degree of normality, and perhaps more importantly a return to a level of ‘sanity’ after the crazy, oft times scary, journey I experienced following the total cystectomy surgery.

I have to stress that I am extremely grateful for, and appreciative of the care I received. I was hugely impressed by the patience, compassion, understanding, concern and the sheer workload of all the staff; the staff nurses, students, nursing auxiliaries and not least the Serco ‘girls’. I can name many of them, but not all, and therefore would not be fair to single out individuals.

Thankfully I continue to make slow steady progress towards a full recovery (I hope), which I am sure was stimulated by the encouragement and care I experienced, and for which the least I can do is to repeat a very grateful THANK YOU all the staff of B31.


Brian Oliver