‘I Cannot Thank You Enough’

I wish to thank the Respiratory Team, for the fantastic care they are providing my mother

I have been home 5 times this year to visit my mother as her health is failing. I was particularly impressed when I met Dr Spears when my mother was admitted to hospital to the Acute Assessment Unit just after Christmas. Dr Spears was informed my mother was in and came to visit her within minutes of this knowledge. I had a chance to speak with him and was advised to leave my travel plans to go home for a few days. As Dr Spears was going on holiday he left my mother as he said ‘in the perfectly capable hands of his colleague Dr Cameron. That he did and my mother received the best care. He also arranged for a follow up appointment for a few weeks time.

I could go on but my mother is receiving fantastic care and I cannot thank you enough. I have been home since in February and my mother is now on oxygen 24/7. I have made arrangements to be closer to home from August – I did offer to come and stay home to support but my mother much prefers my dad to herself. They seem to be coping just fine.

What has been a troubling past year has been made so much easier to accept due to the dedicated care she has had from the consultants and team at Forth Valley.

With all that said, can my comments be sent to the respiratory team and the directors of this hospital, as they need to know how fantastic the care is. I am a teacher and take my work as a vocation, it is great to see others who have such passion in their work. Thanks for your continued care for my mother.

Suzanne, Tanzania, Africa