‘I Had Excellent Service From All Departments’

Hi, I attended my doctor in Alva just prior to Christmas, had blood taken between Christmas and New Year, I also had an appointment with local doctor on 7th Jan, Doctor told me I required to attend Falkirk Hospital re problems I have, I recieved a call from the hospital the following day at approx noon asking if I could attent two clinics that afternoon, one at two thirty and the other at three pm, I agreed to attend these appointments and did so and I am now awaiting another appointment with another department.

Likewise I also had asked the doctor during my initial appointment in December if I could be re referred to the hearing aid clinic as I was having difficulty in hearing with aids I had been given a few years ago, I was given an appointment for earlier today, 12th Jan 2015 after being in the hearing aid clinic for less than an hour, I walked out with two new hearing aids ( they were one member of staff short and apologised for the length of time I’d had to wait!!!!!

All I can say is despite the horror stories I am hearing I can only say that I had excellent service from all departments.