‘I Was Totally Confident I Was In The Best Possible Hands’

Yesterday I spent some time in Clinical Assesment Unit due to VF detected at my Doctors in Aberfoyle. The level of service care and attention were exemplerary way beyond both my previous experience in Glasgow Hospitals and even in the Nuffield Private Hospital which I have used in the past.

David who did my initial Assesment was super confident and professional putting in an IV line before I noticed he was doing it 100% perfect he then did an ECG and bloods again totally confidence inspiring. After the history was taken and documented by Dr McCallum in amazing detail a chest x Ray from George in Radiology saw me back for the results and prognosis leaving me in no doubt what had happened and what would be done to get me fit again.

I cannot in all conscience fault this facility, its staff ior it’s level of care delivered when I was to be honest worried about how serious I thought things were for me. I was totally confident I was in the best possible hands and that this department had redefined teamwork to a whole new level in the NHS. This is world class care care delivered free at point of need and if anyone feels the need to moan about trivial complaints they should perhaps consider the swings and balances in healthcare. I am not connected to the NHS but am glad to have been able to support it through taxes for all of my 44 years of work it’s cheap for the level of commitment I experienced yesterday.

Thank you all for your help yesterday.

Ray, Port of Menteith