‘I was very impressed by the positive attitude of all the staff’

I was brought into FVRH on the morning of 15/04/2016 after suffering what I later found out to be a Posterior Circulation Stroke. From the outset I was treated by very friendly and professional medical and support staff at the Clinical Assessment Unit. I was assessed regularly and informed of any updates promptly.

I was then moved to the Stroke ward where I was also looked after by friendly, caring and professional staff. I was very impressed by the positive attitude of all the staff who certainly gave me the impression they were a very well practiced team and had myself and the other patients care and recovery as a primary goal. I was impressed by the care and attention being provided to other patients as I improved and became more aware of the hard work that I observed the nurses and support staff as they performed their duties with compassion, professionalism and kindness  A Sister took the time to visit each patient individually to ensure we were content with the level of care or if we required to discuss any issues.

I was discharged from the hospital on 20/04/2016.  I can not thank all the staff enough for their friendly and caring attitude towards me and my fellow patients when I was ill.

Robert, Larbert