‘I Would Like To Commend Staff On Being So Attentive and Understanding’

My wife and I recently had to bring our baby daughter into the Accident and Emergency unit on New Years day due to her difficulty breathing. I would just like to commend your staff on being so attentive and understanding. I hope that you are never in the situation of having a three month old child struggling for breath due to Bronchilitis but the panic and worry that came with it for me and my wife was quite extreme and your staff put us both at ease and noticed immediately that my wife was very anxious and helped her to calm down. Having a crying baby in the A&E dept only adds to the stress of an already busy and stressful department! And again i can only congratulate your staff on being able to handle the situation calmy and to the best of their abilities.

When we referred to the Childrens ward we were greeted by a calm and knowledgable nurse (I think her name was Laura as there was two Lauras on the shift) Again this was a calming influence on my wife as the full details of what was wrong and what had to be done was explained to us.

I think to put it bluntly, I very much appreciate the level of kindness we were treated with and that your staff within the A&E and childrens ward are an absolute credit to you and your hospital.

Craig, Cumbernauld