‘Nurses on My Ward Were Exceptional’

I had a minor cut to my knee (after falling off my bicycle) which became infected.   I turned up at my GP’s surgery at Kersiebank Medical Practice around 5pm on Friday 12June without an appointment and the nurse practitioner was happy to see me and checked my leg, prescribed antibiotics and gave me care advice.   By Wednesday 17 June although the inflammation seemed to be reduced my calf & foot were swollen, I visited my GP who asked me to return first thing on Friday 19 June so she could monitor it.   On my return visit she phoned the orthopaedic consultant who advised that I should go to A & E with a letter of referral from my GP.   On my arrival I was taken almost immediately to be assessed and by 4pm that day I had been x-rayed, had bloods taken, been seen by a consultant and had undergone surgery to have an abscess removed.   I spent 3 nights in hospital and can’t praise all of the staff highly enough.   All of the staff involved in my care were professional, friendly

and approachable and explained what was happening to me.   Some of the nurses on my ward were exceptional, taking time to explain to patients what was being done and why and showed real care and compassion.     I can’t fault the care that I received from Forth Valley Health Board, from my own GP practice and the hospital staff.   I’m aware that my local GP has had staffing difficulties and the hospital is often complained about, but, I am very happy with the care I received.