‘On the 04/05 at 23:06 my beautiful daughter was born!’

F.A.O Gillian Morton, General Manager of women’s and children at Forth Valley Hospital

On the 03/05/2016 my wife was admitted to be induced and on the 04/05 at 23:06 my beautiful daughter was born! From the very first moment the midwives and every single staff were amazing help, I cannot thank the staff enough, even the fantastic ladies who kept everything clean daily around the wards always kept a smile on the face. the lady who explained the inducement procedure in the ward before it all began, well she was just lovely, caring, everything she did was with an upbeat positive attitude, she dispelled all our worries, do forgive me I do not remember every midwife’s name but I’m sure you can check from your records who attended to my wife.

A few names I do remember are Julie, Lauren, Jeanette, Lynn, Carol, and I’m pretty sure their was an Amy as well who may be the women who explained the inducement procedure. Jannette was absolutely brilliant, kept the whole procedure relaxed, my wife and I loved hearing about her Canadian past :), Lynn helped delivered my daughter and took so much care of my wife, even in between her break she rushed over to my wife’s aid. she did go the extra mile! she even told me how to bury the placenta properly! I do thank her for that!

Carol who has won the midwife of the year before I do know, she was tremendous, their is no words to describe how helpful she was, from breastfeeding to calming our baby and explaining everything! not only her but every midwife deserves the midwife of the year award, if not for you outstanding ladies who would bring these little babies into this world?

I wanted to thank everyone for making not just my baby daughters and my partners life perfect but for every other baby that is born in this hospital!

These kind words are but a drop of water in the vast ocean of compliments that you should be receiving.

Rizwan, Larbert