“Rapid Frailty Access Clinic”

I am writing to say thank you and to complement the various services which my father Peter McKenzie recently received.   He was recently diagnosed with Delirium. I was most impressed with the entire process.   I had to call NHS 24 as my father was in a very confused state.   The Dr who treated him out of hours set up an appointment the next day at the Rapid Frailty Access Clinic.

At the clinic he was very well looked after and given a thorough examination.   It was decided to keep him in for 10 days. He was taken to ward 11A and once again I cannot praise the treatment and attention he was afforded by all staff.

Once out of hospital he was given a very quick appointment with Dr Duncan, Psychiatry Services whom as always gave him lots of advice and encouragement and a follow up appointment in a few months.

To reiterate it is great to have a process which allows elderly people to receive the best of attention in a very quick space of time. It is very comforting both to the patient and to the family.

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.


Tricia Chillas