“So very professional and caring”

I should like to thank the staff at Ward A12 and the Acute Assessment Unit for looking after me so well during my stay 09 – 12 February. It was important for me to receive the planned chemotherapy session at the Western General on Wednesday 12th February and this was very much appreciated by the medical staff. Since my temperature had returned to normal and I felt much better I was ready to receive it both physically and psychologically.

I would very much like to thank every member of staff of Ward A12 for doing everything possible for me to recover and be ready for my chemotherapy, which I am now very much relying on.

In particular, I would like to thank the following people:

  • Special thanks to the Doctor who was looking after me and giving me such very effective treatment
  • Day and Night nursing staff: Marie, Mary, Susan, Gordon and Lisa are only a few of the names of nurses who were looking after me and my Hickman line during this stay, but unfortunately I cannot recall names of everyone who were so very professional and caring, which undoubtedly did much to speed my recovery
  • Domestic staff, who kept the ward in sparkling clean condition. WHo always managed to find time to help with anything they can (internet connection, hot drinks, an extra towel or an extra blanket, etc.) which helped to reduce stress and keep me as comfortable as possible
  • Special thanks for night shift staff for finding time to make such delicious hot toast with butter and hot drinks, which helped during the long and difficult nights

I would also very much like to thank the management of Forth Valley Royal Hospital for selecting all these wonderful people to work at your hospital and for organising such a wonderfully performing insitution.

Yours Sincerely,

E MacKenzie