‘Staff are amazing, the hospital is spotless and wonderful’

Getting a phone call to say your 90 year old Aunt has broken her neck and is in hospital, is not a good experience, especially when you are 450 miles away and her closest relative.

The fact that the hospital staff were so informative and actually phoned me, helped greatly and gave me considerable comfort.

We then spent a week visiting her in ward B23, and we were there for 5/6 hours at a time.

I cannot praise the staff enough, everyone was kind, friendly and we were never made to feel that we were in the way or that we were being a nuisance.

Leaving was very hard, but we knew that there wasn’t a place in the world where she would be getting better treatment or care.

I phone every day, and am always greeted with a friendly voice and the feeling that she really is being well cared for as a person, not just a patient.

Your staff are amazing, your hospital is spotless and wonderful (apart from the problems parking in the afternoons and the ‘healthy’ long walk to the wards!), the food is fantastic and everyone is so friendly.

We obviously use hospitals in London, and we can tell you, none of the ones we have been to is a patch on Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Thank you.

We look forward to being back there soon.

Debbie and Peter, London