‘Staff Took Time to Get to Know Your Name’

I was recently in Ward A31 for approx 10 days and I would like to praise all the staff within the Ward.  They provided me with amazing care and support even when I could see they were extremely busy.

I am not only referring to the nurses but also the cleaning staff and catering staff.  The catering and domestic staff took time to get to know your name and always spoke to you.

I told the catering staff I looked forward to my morning tea with a tunnocks tea cake….a few times i was out of the ward at tea time due to having tests done, however when i came back they always left my biscuit on my bedside table for me to have later.  A very simple thing but which meant a lot to me.

All the staff went over and above what they were required to do with sometimes very trivial things but with things which made my stay within the ward more bearable and less upsetting.

The nurses provided a listening ear, extra tea, cuddles and sympathy which were very much needed and appreciated.

There are too many staff to name but I hope you can pass on my thanks to all of them.

I was transferred to another ward and only then fully appreciated how good the staff in A31 were.  The differences in the 2 wards is incomparable.

So, please pass on my gratitude to all the staff within A31.

Anne, Carronshore