“Superb care in your hospital only can exist through the dedication”

Unfortunately an accident completely ruined our retirement motorbike tour through Scotland. Thanks to the superb care in Forth Valley Hospital I will recover totally very soon.

The superb care in your hospital only can exist through the dedication of all the people involved, their kindness and alertness to help, their working together as one team. Really all the people involved, the cleaners, the food servants, the nurses, the assistants, the doctors, the consultants, are really kind, dedicated to patients wellness, creating a very positive atmosphere.

As a business engineer I have been watching the operation on Ward B23 with great interest. The effectiveness of the combined activities is high, very high. (Getting the individual bones and the skeleton as a whole to do their jobs again in a short period of time, in a positive mental environment).
The efficiency of the combined activities is at a high level too. Of course their will be some small efficiency increments possible with the risk of decreasing effectiveness.

Having working so many people doing so different tasks as one team is a great accomplishment.

Please bring my compliments to all the people of Ward B23 !

Kind regards,
Henk Sterk