“Thank you from a very sore but happy service user”

I attended a&e tonight 6pm 10/02/16 after colapsing in work, I managed to hurt my knee, shoulder and neck. I work in a GP practice and due to symptoms experienced at the collapse it was advised I get checked over.  I atended Forth Valley A&E for the 1st time ever to be greeted by welcoming receptionist, triaged by a pleasant Doctor, called for by a friendly nurse then seen to by a lovely doctor. She was clearly under the weather herself but still managed to see to my injuries, give me a thorough check over. I was sent for xray where the member of staff was wonderfully upbeat and lifted my bruised spirits. I was returned to my cubicle to be brought my results swiftly by the doctor. Once all was explained my husband and I were happy to be let home. Every staff member we encountered were brilliant in their role.  I would however like to thank the doctor who took the time to see to me as I never saw her on the way out, the ward was exceptionally busy and I am sure she was providing care to another patient before she would take the time to see to herself. Outstanding care from your staff. Thank you from a very sore but happy service user.