‘The High Level of Courtesy and Professionalism From Each and Everyone’

I am typing this email to express my thanks to all the staff involved in my recent sons delivery.

It was without doubt the most stressful situation I have ever found myself in and I have worked as a firefighter for over 20 years!! Watching my wife in labour for over 14 hours then having to have a c-section was quite harrowing and emotional and again when she had to return a few days later to receive further care for what turned out to be a gastric problem when she appeared to have severe chest pains.

It would be impossible to remember all the staff due to the length of time my wife spent in your hospital but it is suffice to say that the level of care by all the staff in wards 7 & 8 was exceptional. I obviously spent a lot of time with my wife and noticed the high level of courtesy and professionalism from each and everyone we had dealings with they really are a credit to the NHS. Also all the support staff from the cleaners who kept the wards immaculate to the catering were friendly and engaging and kept everything running along smoothly.

I know that this email will never be enough to express my feelings about how much your patience, experience and quality of care meant to me and my family but the staff involved in the delivery of my sonand then the c-section were a picture of composure personified as I can assure you my stomach was churning inside the wholetime.

Please could you convey my absolute gratitude to the staff involved as I now have the dream I’ve always wanted, a family of my own and it was all through your hard work, dedication and care.

Gary, Denny