‘The Staff Are Kept Very Busy But Nevertheless Are Very Attentative’

My 83 year old mother  recently spent 6 weeks in the stroke ward of Forth Valley Royal (A22) having suffered a bleed on the brain. The whole family were very impressed with the care and attention received from all the staff in this ward.

In this ward the staff are motivated, there is not ‘just a tea lady’, not ‘just a cleaner’, not ‘just a student nurse’, not ‘just an axilluary nurse’, not ‘just a nurse’. There are tea ladies who want to be the best tea lady, cleaners who wanted to be the best cleaner, student nurses who wanted to be the best student, auxilluary’s who wanted to be the best auxilluary and nurses who wanted to be the best nurse. The staff are kept very busy but nevertheless are very attentative, caring and willing to speak to staff and patients which is very important when a patient who has undergone a potential life changing episode. The perceived success of the whole operation hinges upon the aforementioned staff. My family are in no doubt that the high standard of care recieved from the staff at FVR have contributed to my mothers almost full recovery.

The Doctors, Consultants, Pharmacists, OT’s and Physiotherapists were of course instrumental in my mothers recovery and I would like to thank them along with the Staff of A22 for helping us all through a very difficult and anxious period.


Many Thanks To You All

Andrew, Larbert