‘They Were Always On Hand To Help with A Big Smile’

My mother, spent 8 weeks in Larbert Royal Infirmary from 6th July to the 30th August this year. Sadly mum passed away On the 30th August. I have already thanked the staff on the ward for the amazing care mum that they gave mum and I thought that they should not be the only ones to hear about it.

Every single member of staff on ward A31 was absolutely outstanding. Given the length of mums stay, I think almost every member of nursing and auxiliary staff had something to do with mums care. They truly went above and beyond what might be expected. As you will see from my address, I don’t live near the hospital- it is a 100 mile round trip. Myself and my two small children made this trip almost every day for 8 weeks. The staff then made sure that my children were given ice creams and little treats and they always made time to chat with them and I know this meant an awful lot to my mum.

The staff always kept my mum immaculate and if she wasn’t able to eat herself or go to the loo, they were always on hand to help with a big smile.

I phone into the ward almost every day to check on mum before coming in, and although I know that the staff are sometimes a little overstretched, they never sounded grumpy and always updated me with kindness and sensitivity.

As mum was weakening and coming closer to passing away, the nurses sat with mum almost non stop as they knew she was frightened. This made everyone, including mum, feel so much better.

After mum died, the nurses called to tell us with the news and reassured us that two of them sat with her while it happened. They asked if we would like to come in to see her. We decided to do so and again their dedication shone through. Mum was immaculate, her hair was brushed, her skin was moisturised, the bed was made neatly over her, with my dads blanket over her legs and feet. They had placed a little rose bud on her pillow and had put her jewellery in little organza bags at the side of her bed. So comforting.

I could go on and on but I think you will understand how much we appreciated the level of care our whole family received from the staff of A31, at what was a very challenging time.

Please will you let the necessary people know about this and acknowledge this email so that I know that it has actually got yo the right person.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah, East Lothian