‘We Were Very impressed’

On 14 May we were taking a hire boat through the locks above the Falkirk Wheel when my partner slipped and partly severed the top of his ear.  Another boater told us there was a minor injuries unit at Falkirk Community Hospital and so I collected my car and drove him there.  His ear was bleeding profusely.

On arrival I realised there was no unit and as it was Saturday all the clinics were closed.  I walked inside to find someone to ask about where to go and buzzed the door of Unit 5.  They were extremely helpful and a nurse came out to the car with first aid materials and dressed his wound.  She then directed us to Larbert where he saw a consultant before a very competent nurse stitched his would.

We were very impressed with the service he received and especially with the nurse who came out to the car to treat him.  Very many thanks.

Gillian, Gosport