‘You Have Amazing Staff That Looked After Me Extremely Well’

I was a patient at A+E on Monday night 23/2/15. I presented myself there having had breathing difficulties for two nights in a row and had become somewhat desperate by this. Im not a person who visits the Doctors regularly and I think this may have been my first visit to A+E for many years. Im well aware of the fact that Hospitals and their staff have to work a lot harder with a lot less resources.

It seems there are also too many people who complain about the slightest things not knowing the restraints placed on Hospitals and staff.

I wanted to write this email to let you know that from start to finish I was treated amazingly. The staff were friendly, polite and very professional. From the receptionist to the triage nurse, the Doctor at A+E to all the nursing staff in the Acute admissions ward, the Consultant and the porters too. You have amazing staff that looked after me extremely well. I cannot praise them highly enough.

I came out from the hospital feeling a lot more reassured, and certainly a lot better than when I went in. For people like me, who will put up with pain, rather than see a Doctor or attend at Hospital unless I’m desperate,(no offence) its certainly a lot more reassuring to know that when you do pluck up the courage to attend, there are people there like your staff who won’t patronise or fob you off. I think this is an excellent hospital, with excellent staff and Im very glad its in my area.

Alan, Falkirk