Community Food Activity Grant Application Form


    Group/Organisation name:


    Name of person requesting the funding:

    Role within organisation:



    Where will the activity be delivered?:

    Describe the food activities that you plan to deliver:

    How many people are expected to benefit from this grant and activity?:

    Give details and names of any partners or groups involved with this project:

    Will the project grant benefit any of the following groups?:

    Please provide additional details here:

    List all items to be purchased with the grant money and include the cost per item:
    (Remember to keep a copy of ALL receipts!)

    Total cost of items:

    How will this project be sustained after the funding has been spent?:

    Please give details of any additional funding for this project:

    Do you currently charge for activities?:

    Which of the following does the organisation have in place?:

    How did you find out about the Community Food Grants?

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