Presidential Award for Public Health Nutrition

Our Public Health Nutrition Team has been awarded the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) President’s Award for the food work and REHIS training that they deliver across the three prisons in Forth Valley.

NHS Forth Valley's Public Health Nutrition Team

NHS Forth Valley’s Public Health Nutrition Team

Wendy Handley, Community Food Development Worker, has been delivering REHIS Food and health qualifications to people in prison, SPS staff, prison visitor centre staff and volunteers for over 12 years. This work is invaluable in teaching basic nutrition as well as food hygiene, cooking and budgeting skills. This means prisoners are not only equipped with key knowledge about food safety and nutrition, but they also have nationally recognised qualifications and awards that increases their employability and helps them to get work within the food sector after they are released.

REHIS were impressed to read our local Grow, Cook and Learn Case Study and find out more about the continued support and training we offer both people in prison, SPS Staff, visitor centre staff and volunteers. This resulted in the team being awarded the President’s Award and they recently travelled up to Aberdeen to receive the prestigious award as well as £500 of REHIS credits to support ongoing work in Forth Valley Prisons.

If you would like to find out more about the work and support available Public Health Nutrition team contact Pamela Murray, Public Health Dietitian or visit the Community Nutrition section of the NHS Forth Valley website to see more examples of their work and case studies.