Apple appeal for local patients

Health professionals at NHS Forth Valley are appealing to the public to donate unused or unwanted Apple iPod shuffle devices to help with a new project Music with Meaning.

The new project is a collaborative piece of work being undertaken by the Palliative Care team, National Dementia Champion and Quality Improvement Team. The Palliative Care Team have recognised over many years that music can be an important part of someone’s care at the end of their life, regardless of diagnosis.  By setting up Music with Meaning they plan to not only gather data on the impact individual music choices can have on comfort and wellbeing of patients who are near the end of their lives, but also for their friends and families who may listen to this music with them, maybe reminiscing about special memories or happy life events.

NHS Forth Valley Palliative Care Team leader, Evelyn Paterson, explained: “Like previous therapeutic musical interventions carried out within Forth Valley, we will be gifting a device with the playlist already complied and ready to use.  In the past Apple ipod shuffle devices have been the chosen device both for ease of use and cost but unfortunately these are no longer manufactured.  We are trying to source compatible alternatives but did wonder if the public could help us by donating unused or unwanted devices for recycling. In the meantime we are using devices within the hospital setting that will be loaned rather than gifted.”

Previously NHS Forth Valley has successfully used music as a therapeutic intervention when caring for those with dementia and their loved ones. It is hoped that this new project will achieve the same level of success.

People who can help with the Apple devices should contact Evelyn Paterson on 01324 566325, Palliative Care Team, Oncology Unit, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Stirling Road, Larbert FK5 4WR or email