Big Cig Says Quit

Big Cig will be out and about in Stirling on Wednesday March 11th to try to persuade people to quit smoking. The life-sized cigarette will be making an appearance at the Job Centre and Stirling University as part of No Smoking Day, which has a theme this year of “Proud to be a Quitter.”

Big Cig will be accompanied by members of the NHS Forth Valley Stop Smoking team, who’ll be handing out leaflets and offering advice on how to give up smoking.

Gillian Bruce, NHS Forth Valley Stop Smoking Co-ordinator said: “Giving up smoking is one of the most important lifestyle decisions leading to better health. By letting people know about services to help them quit will reduce the number of tobacco-related illnesses across Forth Valley. It is also very important that we try to protect the next generation from starting to smoke and give them the best start in life.”

NHS Forth Valley Senior Stop Smoking Specialist, Yvonne Pringle added: “There are loads of ways you can stop smoking in Forth Valley. These include pharmacies, workplaces and clinics and a specialist service is provided in Forth Valley Royal Hospital. It is important for people to realise that all treatment is free and we are here to help.”

NHS Forth Valley’s Specialist Stop Smoking Service is also willing to go into offices and factories to work with groups of people who want to stop smoking. For further information on stopping call Smokeline free on 0800 84 84 48 or visit NHS Inform