Board Approves Outline Plans For New Doune Health Centre

Outline plans for a new £2.4m health centre in Doune have been approved by the Board of NHS Forth Valley. This would see the development of a larger, purpose-built health centre capable of delivering a wide range of local health and social care services.

Details of the proposed new centre are highlighted in a new Outline Business Case which describes the requirement for a new centre and explains the benefits it would bring.

The development of a new centre is a key priority as the current facility is overcrowded, requires considerable maintenance and is too small to accommodate the future needs of the growing local population. Building a larger healthcare centre would enable a wide range of health and social care services to be delivered locally by health and social work staff. These include physiotherapy, podiatry, counselling and services to support people with long term conditions such as diabetes, dementia and COPD (a common respiratory disease). There would also be more opportunities to help patients improve their own health by providing additional support and advice on diet, exercise, managing medicines and giving up smoking. In addition, there would be improved facilities for the existing GP practice as well as accommodation for a range of visiting outpatient and services such as antenatal and child health clinics.

As part of the plans, around £200,000 would also be invested to purchase new equipment, furniture and fittings for the new centre.

NHS Forth Valley has been working closely with staff from the existing health centre to develop plans and has purchased a plot of land on the North side of Doune for the new facility. This is located on Springbank Road, close to the centre of the village and behind the main street (Balkerach Street).

Tom Steele, Director of Estates and Facilities for NHS Forth Valley, said: “The aim is to create a new purpose-built health centre to meet the future needs of the growing local population.

“This will make it easier and quicker for people to access the care and support they require in their local community and reduce the need for them to travel to hospital for treatment.”

The Outline Business, which was approved by the NHS Forth Valley Board at its meeting on 26th January 2016, will now be submitted to the Scottish Government. If approved, a Full Business Case will be developed with more detailed financial and design plans for the proposed new centre. These proposals will then be considered by the Scottish Government and, if approved, construction could start in Summer 2016 and be completed by Spring 2017.

For further information contact NHS Forth Valley’s Communications Department on 01786 457264.