Bringing Health to the Big Screen

The front of Forth Valley Royal Hospital was turned into a giant cinema screen for one night only this week, after being chosen for the showing of a film ‘One Hundred Blinks’ which was created during artist Lindsay Perth’s residency with NHS Forth Valley. It’s hoped that the space could be used in future to promote important health messages.

‘One Hundred Blinks’ is a collection of faces, including patients, visitors and staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital. The film, which was shown on a space measuring almost 40 by 30 feet, presents a reflective narrative that is essentially the human experience. It progresses through the ages as each face changes, ending with the blink of the 100 year old which reveals the face of the new born baby once more.
Filmed in slow motion at 200 frames per second Lindsay Perth has attempted to slow down time and provide the opportunity to gaze and celebrate each age and face. Feedback on the film has been extremely positive. Comments include:

•    “A fantastic idea, mesmerising, very moving, beautifully shot”
•    “Wonderful, very powerful”
•    “An inspirational look at humanity”
•    “Have a look and try not wanting to hug every one of the people filmed ”

NHS Forth Valley Charitable Arts and Wellbeing Coordinator Babs McCool said:

 This is something of a test piece for NHS Forth Valley. This wall space has tremendous potential for digital projects and messages. Just think how great it would be if we could use it in future to deliver health information in a novel way to the local community. This could be the start of something really exciting.”

Artist Lindsay Perth added:

 “I am very excited about having my film experienced on such a large scale and at this location. It shows how powerful the moving image can be when we use it to look more closely at who we are as a community and as individuals who ultimately have the same journey. It is very fitting to have it shown on a building that shows our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths as human beings.”

‘One Hundred Blinks,’ which is being submitted to International Film Festivals, is just one aspect of Lindsay Perth’s two year residency with NHS Forth Valley which has been funded by Creative Scotland and Clackmannanshire Council. Other work has included an art cabin in the atrium of Forth Valley Royal Hospital and a publication ‘A Sense of Someplace,’  the result of collaboration with clients of the mental health resource centre at Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre and members of the mental health support organisation ‘Reach Out with Arts in Mind’ in Alloa.

Pictured is 100 year old Annie Barker, standing in front of her own projection at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

For more details visit One Hundred Blinks.