NHS Forth Valley Staff Awards 2018

The NHS Forth Valley Staff Awards highlight the hard work, care and commitment of local NHS staff, Serco staff and volunteers across the organisation. They provide an opportunity for colleagues, patients and members of the public to say thanks and show their appreciation. There are six award categories to choose from and this year, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the NHS, there will be also be a special Platinum Award chosen from all the nominations received for an individual member of staff or a team who have made a significant contribution to the NHS.

Award Categories

Top Team Award
This award is for teams which deliver an excellent service and provide a supportive environment which encourages staff to work together to drive forward developments and improvements.

Inspiration Award
This is for individuals who are an inspiration to others. They are outstanding in their role, lead by example and act with professionalism and integrity at all times. They are also approachable and supportive to colleagues and inspire them to develop and improve the services we provide.

Outstanding Care Award
This award gives members of staff, patients and their families the opportunity to nominate a member of staff, service or team who has delivered outstanding care and treatment.

Volunteer Award
For individuals, organisations, fundraisers or charities who work tirelessly and generously give their free time, enthusiasm and energy to help improve NHS services, facilities and support for patients, visitors and their families.

Innovation Award
This award recognises the innovative and ambitious work undertaken by NHS staff to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of patient care in NHS Forth
Valley. This could include the introduction of new ways of working, the development of new treatments, the use of new technology, the completion of new research or innovative resource management that has achieved financial savings.

Unsung Hero Award
This is the person who does a fantastic job but whose contribution and role often goes unrecognised. Although just doing their normal day-to-day job, this individual’s drive, commitment and support makes a genuine difference to others. This is the type of person who goes the extra mile and is always happy to help others.

Chairman’s Platinum Award
To celebrate the NHS 70th anniversary, a special Platinum Award will be chosen from all the nominations received for an individual member of staff or a team who have made a significant contribution to the NHS. This could be through work to improve the care, treatment and experience of patients, provide outstanding leadership or overcome challenges to achieve outstanding results, either personally or professionally.