Laboratory Staff Held in High Esteem

Liz Kilgour, Microbiology Laboratory Manager & Healthcare Science Professional Lead and the biomedical scientists within the Microbiology Team at Forth Valley Royal Hospital have been nominated for the Advancing Healthcare ESTEEM recognition programme for their considerable contribution to the Covid-19 response.

The Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Biochemistry Laboratories have also been nominated for an ESTEEM Advancing HealthCare award for their response to Covid-19.

This ongoing recognition scheme was set up by the Advancing Healthcare Awards team at Chamberlain Dunn to highlight the outstanding contribution of individuals and teams from healthcare science and AHP groups and those who work alongside them, during the Covid-19 crisis.

Liz Kilgour, said: “This nomination has certainly brought microbiology to the forefront and shows how important we are in underpinning clinical services. The staff have been incredible, they have risen to the challenge and the professionalism and hard work they have shown has been an absolute credit to the organisation. I am extremely proud of the team and I could not ask any more of them.”

The teams’ contributions are featured in the ESTEEM gallery here.