Clackmannanshire Meeting Highlights Realistic Approach to Medicine

The new era of realistic medicine, which aims to move away from the ‘doctor knows best’ culture  to shared decision-making with the patient and their healthcare professional, is to be discussed at  a meeting of Clackmannanshire’s Public Partnership Forum on Wednesday 30th January  2019  at 7.00pm in Sauchie Community Hall, Mar Place, Sauchie.

The brainchild of the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Dr Catherine Calderwood, Realistic Medicine aims to ensure that by 2025 anyone providing healthcare in Scotland will take a realistic medicine approach.

Realistic medicine recognises that a one size fits all approach to health and social care is not the most effective path for the patient or the NHS. It explores what matters to patients personally and what their goals are and encourages them to ask questions about their condition and the possible care offered. For example, it encourages patients to ask if a test, treatment or procedure is really needed, what the potential benefits or possible side effect, if there are simpler and safer options and what would happen if no treatment was carried out.

Realistic medicine is not just about doctors as the approach includes all professionals who use their skills and knowledge to help people maintain health and to prevent and treat illness. This includes professions such as nursing, pharmacy, counsellors, physiotherapists and social workers.

The meeting will also provide further opportunities for local people to provide feedback which will inform the development of a new Strategic Plan for the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Health and Social Care Partnership. This will set out key plans and priorities for health and social care services over the next three years.