Dr Stirling & Partners Medical Practice, Alloa 

Four of the five GPs at Dr Stirling & Partners Medical Practice at Alloa have confirmed that they plan to leave or retire over the next few months and, as a result, NHS Forth Valley will take over temporary responsibility for managing the Practice from 1st May 2018.

NHS Forth Valley plans to advertise the Practice as being vacant to enable an interested group of GPs to form a new partnership to take over the running of the practice. In the meantime, work is now underway to recruit additional doctors and redeploy a number of GPs, who are employed by the Health Board, to provide GP services. This will ensure that the Practice remains open and continues to provide services to the local community.

In addition, there are plans to introduce other services at the Practice including Advanced Nurse Practitioners and primary care pharmacy staff. This will help prevent delays and ensure patients have access to a wider range of support and advice. It will also help free up GP time to manage patients with more complex health issues who require to see a doctor.  Similar multi-disciplinary teams have been introduced in two other GP practices managed by the Health Board and these have been well received by local patients.

Dr Stuart Cumming, Associate Medical Director for Primary Care in NHS Forth Valley, said: “The current situation reflects significant recruitment problems being experienced by GP practices across Scotland and our immediate priority is to ensure the Practice remains open and continues to provide services to local people. Work is therefore underway to look at ways of best ensuring ongoing access to GP and primary services.

“I’d like to thank the existing GPs and their clinical staff, administrative and reception staff who will continue to work at the Practice, along with the staff in the neighbouring GP practices for all their help and support in taking forward these arrangements.”