First Falkirk Patient Gets AAA Scan

The first Falkirk man to undergo Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) screening has described it as “No problem at all.”

Alexander McIntosh – pictured here with radiographer Suzanne Brown at Falkirk Community Hospital -added:

 “I was in good hands. I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to have this done – it’s better to get checked out.”

The aorta is the main artery which supplies blood to the body from the heart. An aortic aneurysm can form when this artery becomes weak and balloons out, which can lead to a rupture and cause life-threatening internal bleeding.

In eight out of ten cases ruptures can prove fatal and as around one in 20 men in Scotland potentially have an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and are unaware, weekly screening clinics for men aged 65 are now being held in community hospitals across Forth Valley.

The ultrasound scan takes just ten minutes and results are available instantly, with around 95% of men expected to have a normal scan.

Around 1400 men across the area are expected to attend over the next year. Men aged 65 in Forth Valley will receive an invitation to attend their local screening clinic and men aged over 65 can self-refer for a scan by contacting NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88.

Further information about the new AAA national screening programme can be found at