Forth Valley Cardiology Team Recognised For Service Excellence

The fantastic care they give to local cardiac patients has resulted in a prestigious award for the cardiology team at Forth Valley Royal Hospital who have received the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh’s inaugural William Cullen Prize for their excellence in service innovation. Patients described them as “mending hearts from every angle” and for “being there emotionally whilst still remaining professional”.

The team is led by Dr Catherine Labinjoh, Consultant Cardiologist/Speciality Lead, and Carolyn Probert, Senior Charge Nurse.  Nurses were said to always lend a listening ear and housekeeping staff were noted for their lovely smiles and their real care for patients. One patient remarked that everybody does their job with all their heart.

Awarding the prize, Dr Dan Beckett, Assistant Director of Standards, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, said: “The cardiology ward at the hospital has brought together teams from different clinical environments to create and provide a service that is providing high standards of patient care for cardiology patients and their relatives. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh has Members and Fellows all over the world, but this prize particularly recognises excellence at a local level in Scotland.”

Carolyn Probert, Senior Charge Nurse for the Cardiology Ward at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, added: “Coming from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, this award is not only significant but also very special to us. Receiving such positive feedback has been very much appreciated by all the team.”

The William Cullen Prize is designed to recognise excellence in teaching or service innovation at a regional level and will be awarded annually.