Free Blood Pressure Checks For Stirling Residents

Free blood pressure checks are to be offered to people in the Stirling area at a health event in Stirling Community Hospital on Wednesday June 14. The checks are part of a presentation by the Stroke Association who say that up to 80% of all strokes could be avoided if people were aware they were suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure often has no symptoms but is simple to control with medication.

There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK each year. That’s around one stroke every five minutes. But no two strokes are the same.

The FAST test can help you recognise some of the most common symptoms of a stroke:

  • Facial weakness: Can the person smile? Has their face fallen on one side?
  • Arm weakness: Can the person raise both arms and keep them there?
  • Speech problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Is their speech slurred?
  • Time to call 999

Jessie-Anne Malcolm, NHS Forth Valley Public Partnership Forum Development Co-ordinator, explained: “How well you recover and how long it takes is different for everyone, but making sure that you receive treatment quickly will give you the best possible chance of making a good recovery.

“Depending on how serious your stroke is you may stay in hospital for anything from a few days to few months, and you may stay on the stroke unit or move to a rehabilitation ward. You’ll work with a team of different health professionals.”

The meeting will also hear from Strathcarron Hospice about developing community support for people with long term conditions. The organisation will explain what Strathcarron can do to assist people and their carers in the last year of life. In addition, there will be information and discussion about the Power of Attorney process.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday June 14th 2017 in the Lecture Theatre at Stirling Community Hospital, Livilands Gate, Stirling FK8 2AU between 6.30pm for 7.00pm start until 9.00pm. Anyone requiring crèche facilities or an interpreter to enable them to attend, or have any other special requirements, should contact Jessie-Anne Malcolm, PPF Development Co-ordinator on 01324 614660 in advance or email