Have Your Say on Support for Aspergers

People in Forth Valley who have Aspergers Syndrome or autism without a learning disability are being invited to take part in a survey which could lead to changes in the way support is delivered in future.

The study, which is being conducted by the NHS Forth Valley Speech and Language Therapy service, is being funded by the Scottish Government, and will ask adults with Aspergers about their experiences of living with the disorder.

NHS Forth Valley Speech and Language Therapy Co-ordinator (Adults) Anne Marie Irving said:

 “At present  the support services for adults without a learning disability are limited. Only by getting people’s views heard can we change the way we respond to Aspergers, both in the time leading up to diagnosis and in the support mechanisms thereafter. We are looking for adults who have Aspergers  or autism without a learning disability to volunteer for the survey, which in effect, is seen as a ‘needs’ analysis. However the experiences expressed could support any potential future service development.”

The team are keen to hear about the experience people had in receiving a diagnosis, their views on communication difficulties and the impact of the disorder on their lives. They say they understand that everyone is different and are aiming to be as flexible as possible in the way they gather information. They will be able to provide e mail and paper questionnaires, individual interviews or group interviews and will try their best to meet the needs of individuals.

Anyone who lives in Forth Valley interested in taking part in the project  or would like more information on the work being carried should contact michelle.henderson@nhs.net or call 01324 673585. Any e mail correspondence should be marked ACAS PROJECT