Hello Dolly – latest hospital donation helps children afraid of needles

A range of innovative equipment, including special dolls which help put children scared of needles at their ease, has been presented to the Women and Children’s Department at Forth Valley Royal Hospital by local charity So Precious. The donation, which totals £15,000, also includes bed chairs, to allow partners to stay and promote bonding, telemetry units, which are wireless monitoring solutions that allow woman to keep active and move around whilst still being monitored and special mattresses, which help keep jaundiced babies close to mum in a standard hospital cot rather than having to be transferred to neonatal.

Lisa Griffin, NHS Forth Valley Play Leader and So Precious trustee explained: “Children can become very upset and panic at the sight of needles going in to their body. The needle prep doll is used to show them what will happen and make the experience less scary.”

The donation of three chair beds means new mothers can have family support throughout the night, NHS Forth Valley Senior Sister midwife Anne Clubb said: “The chairs are already in great demand, one father has just left with his wife and baby after spending five nights on the chair bed, which is great as it helps both parents to bond with their new arrival.”

Lorna Blue, So Precious Trustee, added: “We are so grateful to the support of so many local people in Forth Valley who have run marathons, organised events and donated money to help us raise more than £300,000 over the past 5 years. Without their efforts, we would have not been able to donate so much equipment, which supports the care that families receive at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.”

Pictured with the new needle prep dolls are local children Liam and Ellie.